Tinkerbell Cake 2

Hi there,

This is the second Tinkerbell cake I’ve made recently. I can confirm that Tinkerbell is being one of the superstars in the kids’ parties! Not to mention Frozen or Minions too, hehe!

My previous Tinkerbell cake was covered in fondant, whilst this one was iced and piped with buttercream. Both of them had tiny cupcakes matching the main cake colours.

The girl’s mum wanted a cake in pastel tones, specially a nice green one. She also liked the idea of placing a fondant heart on top of it.


Here’s a picture of both Tinkerbell cakes for you to compare and choose which one you’d like the most! Oh my, I couldn’t choose!

Buttercream Tinkerbell Cake. Pastel Colours.

Fondant Tinkerbell Cake. Pink & Purple Colours.

Have a nice week!


Tinkerbell Cake

Hi there,

I made this Tinkerbell Cake last weekend. I was asked to do a very girly and pretty cake surrounded by tiny cupcakes, looking pink and purple everywhere.

And after some sketches, this was the final design. Simple, clean and cute (and very girly, just how they liked!).

By the way, I do love the fantasy carnation (or pom pom flower) in front of the cake!

Hope you like it and you get some ideas to make your next Tinkerbell cake!

Have a nice week.


Two Tier Cake With Hand Made Gum Paste Rose

Hi there,

I was running home today afternoon to be able to take some pictures of this cake before the sunset… I prefer natural light when taking pictures. And I made it! Yay!

The pictures with the pink wallpaper look quite vintage, don’t they?

I love the hand made rose on top of this cake. Full bloom!

I took some other pictures with a turquoise wallpaper and adding a fondant pleated effect to the board.

Which one do you prefer?

Have a nice week!


Glove Cookies. Cross Stitch Embroidery Technique

Hi there,

Still very cold out there…! Brrrr! Fortunately, just one month left to welcome the spring. Meanwhile, don’t forget to wear very warm clothes to avoid unexpected colds!

In some of these cookies I used a kind of cross stitch embroidery technique to make them look more realistic. I first made a royal icing grid and then I filled with dots some of the small squares alternately in order to form several patterns. It’s a laborious task but really rewarding once you see the result!

In the other cookies, I just used the wet on wet technique, marbling the patterns to get a coolest one.

Have a warm week!! ;)


Boudica Cake

Hi there,

This is a simple but yummy buttercream cake I recently made for a birthday party. The edible image on top shows the legendary leader Boudica.

Despite I like working with fondant, I really love icing and piping cakes with buttercream. Having a palette knife or a piping bag in my hand, makes me feel like an artist! Like a painter with his brush :D

Deep Purple

I also prefer buttercream because its lovely flavour. For me, far much tastier than fondant!

And you? What’s your preference?

See you soon.



Dougal Cake (Magic Roundabout)

Hi there,

Guess who it is…

Not yet? And now?

No?? What about this?

Yeah!! I’m sure you know already. If not, don’t worry… I just knew him few days ago!

Last week was the first time I heard about Dougal, from Magic Roundabout TV show (must be because I didn’t watch it in my country when being a child). Despite he looked not familiar to me at all, I was asked to make a simple birthday cake with his face!! Such a cute and hairy dog!!

I hope you like it!

See you soon,



Fairy Cake

Hi there,

This is the birthday cake I made for a 4 year-old girl. It was a 10″ chocolate cake, covered in fondant and matching the party theme (fairies) & colour scheme (turquoise and pink, which I think it’s a lovely combination!).

I enjoyed a lot decorating it, specially when modelling the four sugar fairies. I love the ones with red hair sitting on the cake!

I also made some tiny cupcakes matching the cake, as well as some yummy cookies, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of those ones.

Hope you like it!

Have a nice week.


How to Train Your Dragon Cake

Hi there,

Last week I made this How to Train your Dragon cake, based on the popular film.  A simple celebration cake, although cute and sooo tasty. It was a 10 inch moist chocolate cake covered with grey buttercream and some piping on the edges.  I placed an edible image on the top, as well as some tiny cupcakes surrounding it.

I hand crafted a fondant dragon tail coming out through the cake to make it a bit more realistic.

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective How to Train Your Dragon cake, this could be your inspiration!

Have a nice weekend.