Hello everyone!

Hi everyone!

I’m quite excited because I finally have my own blog, which is the result of my wish to share with everybody my love for baking, especially for the well-known cupcakes.

I’m writing the first post while I’m eating a delicious strawberry cupcake. Cartoon Cupcake Yes, I have to confess that I love baking cupcakes, but I love eating them as well. If I had to choose between both options, it would be very difficult. Even though, I’d choose the first option (baking cupcakes). Yes, it’s a difficult decision, but I’m passionate about pastrymaking and I can’t stop baking and baking… New shapes, new flavours… Pastrymaking it’s a fascinating world! I’m eager to start writing new posts and fill my blog with baking tips, recipes, baking vocabulary, pictures and specially, with all my enthusiasm.

P.S.: I couldn’t resist the temptation and I ate a second one before finishing this post, haha. 

Cartoon Cupcake