Decorated Biscuits

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I love pastry cutters. There are hundreds of different shapes and sizes. I have some of them, but they are never enough! I always want a new one. I go mad when I go to any cookware store!

Two weeks ago I decided to bake some butter biscuits instead of cupcakes. In that occasion I chose butterflies, hearts, stars, and crinkled cutters, which are some of the basic ones.


One of the parts of baking that I like the most is decorating. It’s really amusing and relaxing too! So after baking these biscuits, I decorated them with some marzipan and sugarpaste, following the original shape of each one.

I coloured some marzipan with pink concentrated gel and I used ready to roll coloured sugarpaste (just for some of the biscuits, which only appear in the last picture). As you can see, in order to fit the icing onto the biscuits, I used the same pastry cutters and smaller ones as well. I enhanced the icing surface by using some modelling tools and by adding several marzipan details and sugar balls.

Decorated Biscuits

I tried these butter biscuits with and without icing, and I have to say that they are better with it. They look more beautiful and they are much tastier (just if you like marzipan and sugarpaste, of course!!). Conclusion: from now on, my biscuits will always be decorated! But in my next attempts, I’ll cover them with chocolate or royal icing to compare the results.

Decorated Biscuits


Decorated Biscuits

I’ll post the butter biscuits recipe in one of the following posts. So make sure to stay tunned for that!

By the way, don’t be jealous, cupcakes!!

Decorated Biscuits

See you soon!


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4 thoughts on “Decorated Biscuits

    • Hello,

      You can stick the fondant on the biscuit brushing a bit of egg white, golden syrup, buttercream, glaze (icing sugar + a little water), royal icing, CMC glue… You can stick different layers of fondant using also the mentioned ingredients, and even just a bit of water.



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