Butter Biscuits Recipe

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As I promised in the previous post, here is the butter biscuits recipe. I had tried other recipes before, but this is the one I follow because it’s the one that has given me the best results. I got my inspiration from Bea’s biscuits recipe (www.el rincón de Bea.com).

Try it out! It isn’t that difficult as it may look like. 

Decorated Biscuits

Now, let’s cook!

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Ingredients (20 -25 biscuits aprox., depending on the cutter size)

                    ♦  125 grs                                          ♦  125 grs 

                    ♦  1 EGG                                                        ♦  325 grs  

                    ♦  1-2 tbsp                                         ♦  1 tsp  or any other food flavouring


          ♦  Previous steps

1) Pre-heat the OVEN (180º)

2) SIFT   >>  in a mixing bowl.

3) SIFT  >> in a separated bowl.


           ♦  Main steps

4)  >>  + in the mixing bowl until smooth and creamy (1 min aprox.)

5) Add EGG+  in the previous mixture and slowly for a few seconds.

6) Add 1 spoon at a time without stop (slow speed) –> We’ll get a crumbly texture.

8) Add and keep for a few seconds –> We’ll get a smooth dough.


9) ROLL OUT the dough onto a flat surface covered with baking paper until you get a 0.2″ thick dough (0.2″ = 0.5 cm). Keep in mind that the top of the biscuit  should be the straighter, the better.


10) Once rolled, keep 3 hours inside the fridge (at least).

11) Cover awith baking paper.

12) Cut the dough with the  and place the biscuits onto the. 


13) Put the baking tray with the biscuits inside the fridge for 15  min more (this will help to keep the shapes better).

14) OVEN Bake them for 10-12 min (until the biscuits borders are brown).

15) Leave the biscuits on the for 10 minutes.


16) Place them onto a cooling stand and leave them to cool completely before decorating (about 2 hours).    



Once the biscuits are cooled, you can decorate them with sugarpaste, marzipan, chocolate, royal icing… In following posts, I’ll explain how to make home-made royal icing, as well as how to apply it onto the biscuits.

If you try sugarpaste or marzipan, you can:

♠  Buy them at any supermarket, ready to roll.

♠  Colour them with any food colouring (always gel or paste, not liquid).

♠  Roll out them with a non-stick rolling pin. You should add some icing sugar onto the work surface to prevent from sticking. 

♠  Use the same pastry cutters in order to cut the shapes and fit them onto the biscuits perfectly.

♠  Stick them onto the biscuits by using a paintbrush and golden syrup, edible glue… (something sweet and very sticky).

♠  Use several modelling tools to enhance the icing surface.

♠  Add some details (sugar balls, sprinkles, smaller shapes…).

Decorated Biscuits


Decorated biscuits can be preserved inside a tin, jar or cellophane bags for a long time (several weeks).


Good luck with your biscuits session!


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