Olympic Torch Cupcakes Tutorial

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Did you watch the Olympic Games opening ceremony yesterday evening? It showed the British history (from the rural life to the Industrial Revolution and to the current urban world). It was really nice.

As I promised in the last post, here is the step-by-step tutorial to make Olympic Torch Cupcakes.

How To Make Olympic Torch Cupcakes

These Olympic Torch cupcakes consist of a soft sponge base (see Easy Vanilla Cupcakes) and tasty buttercream on top.

Materials (for 12 cupcakes)

For the Olympic Torches:


♠  Orange food colouring (paste or gel)

♠  Yellow food colouring (paste or gel)

♠  12 golden foil cake cases

♠  3 disposable piping bags

♠  1 nozzle (Tip #30 “closed star”)

♠  2 small bowls

♠  Optional: golden edible glitter + paintbrush

Tip #30

Decorating Tip #30

For the Flags:

Flag materials

◊  12 toothpicks

◊  12 Union Jack paper flags (1.4″ x 1″) –  (3.5 cm x 2.5 cm)

◊  12 Olympic paper flags (1.4″ x 1″) - (3.5 cm x 2.5 cm)

◊  Scissors

◊  White glue (non toxic)

♦  Process

Making the Olympic Torches

1) To make the sponges (torches base), you can follow the Easy Vanilla cupcakes recipe (click the link to see it). In this case, you have to use golden foil cake cases.  

2) To make a thick buttercream, which is quite hot resistant and useful to pipe the flames, you can use the following recipe (it worked for me): 

- 250 grs unsalted butter (room temperature)

- 625 grs sifted icing sugar 

- 6 tsp milk

- 2 tsp vanilla extract

–> Mix all the ingredients for 4 minutes. Once the buttercream is made, keep it for 10 min. inside the fridge to enhance its consistency. 

3) Take 2 small bowls and divide the buttercream between them both. Colour the buttercream:

>> 1st bowl: Add some yellow food colouring and mix with a spoon.

>> 2nd bowl: Add some orange food colouring and mix with a spoon.

Yellow & Orange Buttercream

4) Take 3 disposable piping bags (one of them should be big enough to contain the other ones).

>>  Cut the corner of the biggest one and fit the nozzle (tip #30 “closed star”). 

>>  Fill the second one with the yellow buttercream and cut the corner (about 0.4″ cut) – (1 cm).

>>  Fill the third one with the orange buttercream and cut the corner (about 0.4″ cut) – (1 cm). 

Yellow & Orange Piping Bags

5) Insert the two filled piping bags inside the biggest one, trying to fit the opened corner of each one into the nozzle. This way we will get our two-tone piping bag!

Two-Tone Piping Bag

Two-Tone Buttercream

6) Pipe the flames:

♦ 1st tier:

- Take the sponge base and pipe little peaks on the edges of the sponge, surrounding it. We will get the first circle.

- Pipe a second circle of peaks (next to the first circle).

- Keep piping peaks until covering the whole surface of the sponge.

Piping Flames

Piping Flames

Piping Flames

Piping Flames

♦ 2nd tier:

-Pipe a circle of peaks starting onto the second circle and proceed as in the previous steps (piping peaks until completing the 2nd tier).

Piping Flames

Piping Flames

♦ 3rd tier:

- Pipe peaks onto the 2nd tier until completing the 3rd tier.

Piping Flames

♦ 4th tier:

- Pipe peaks onto the 3rd tier until completing the 4th tier.

♦ 5th tier:

- Pipe a longer peak on the top of the “flames”.

Olympic Torch Cupcake

After this process, we will get a vivid two-coloured flames!!

7) Optional: Sprinkle some golden edible glitter by means of a paintbrush (tapping the paintbrush with your second finger, without touching the icing).

Proceed the same way with the remaining cupcakes .

Olympic Torch Cupcake

Making the Flags (12 units)

Union Jack & Olympic Flag Union Jack & Olympic Flag Union Jack & Olympic Flag   Union Jack & Olympic Flag

Union Jack & Olympic Flag Union Jack & Olympic Flag Olympic Flag Union Jack & Olympic Flag

1) Print on a white paper sheet 12 Union Jack flags and 12 Olympic flags (1.4″ x 1″ each one) - (3.5 x 2.5 cm). They have to appear in a row, alternating each type of flag: 1 Union Jack – 1 Olympic flag – 1 Union Jack – 1 Olympic flag… (see previous pictures). 

3) Cut the flags. Each piece must have both a Union Jack flag and an Olympic flag (one right next to the other one, in a row).

4) Fold the paper flags in the middle.

5) Apply 2 small drops of glue onto the white side of the paper flag, specially in the fold (one flag at a time to prevent the glue from drying).

6) Place a toothpick in the fold of the paper flag and press, sticking both sides togheter.

7) Let them dry. 

8) Insert one flag into each cupcake, by pressing the toothpick downwards.

Olympic Torch Cupcakes

And that’s all!! We have our Olympic Torch cupcakes ready to go!

Enjoy them and have a nice Olympic weekend!


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