How To Make Your Own Cake Stand

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Every time I’m walking down the street and I see a shop window with lovely cake stands full of cupcakes or cakes, I can’t avoid stopping in front of them and stay admiring at the cakes for a while. Where everybody sees just a cake,  I try to see further than this: I examine all kind of cakes, cupcakes, ingredients, shapes, fillings, ornaments…  I imagine a bite of each cake in my mouth, mmmm… hahaha. Even I imagine myself making them happily in a huge kitchen…  Sara, stop dreaming! I say to myself. 

Speaking about cake stands… I have some cake stands at home, but not as many as I want. I don’t have enough space to store them. In addition, some of them are quite expensive. Do you experience the same? Would you like to have more variety of cake stands without spending a lot of money and without filling your cupboards with them? 

Let me show you a nice solution. Make your own cake stands! I got my inspiration from Bea Roque. You just need a plate, a small bowl and some blu tack. Have a look: 

Materials Cake Stand

You just have to stick some blu tack onto the base of the bowl and press the plate onto it. 

Materials Cake Stand

As the blu tack can be easily removed, you can return to use your bowls and plates in a normal way, as well as making different combinations to get different cake stands models. 

Home-made Cake Stand

Home-made Cake Stand

This idea is useful to have different cake stands when we take pictures of our cupcakes, for example.  We can make bespoke cake stands for every occasion. 

Home-made Cake Stand

Home-made Cake Stand

Look at this two tier cupcake stand:

Home-made Cake Stand

I got these plates and bowls from Sainsbury’s. I noticed they were in offer and I decided to give them a try. There were plates and bowls from just 0’60 to 1’5 pounds!! A bargain, isn’t it?

Easy, cheap and quick!

I hope you find this idea useful!

See you in the next posts.

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3 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Cake Stand

  1. Love it! Simple but effective!
    Also love your Tutorial on Macarons ;-D

    Best wishes
    Johlene (A South African living in Gran Canaria, Spain)
    My Blog:

  2. Oh my goodness what an obvious but oblivious great idea! I have to do 60 cupcakes for our Yr6 Prom Nights 11 July 2015 and was wondering how to display them that would wonderful. Thank you again you truly are a star! Bless your heart To the Rescue Again! xxx

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