Olympic Cupcakes. London 2012

The Olympic Games are already here! We’ve been enjoying them for more than a week now, but there’s still another week to go. 

Great Britain is doing pretty well so far, with almost 30 medals currently, 14 of them golden ones! Congratulations, Team GB! 

Olympic Cupcakes

I try to follow as many competitions as possible during these days, specially Gymnastics, Athletics, springboard dive and synchronized swimming, which are my favourite sports. 

Olympic Cupcakes

When I was a child, I witnessed the 1992 Summer Olympics in my birth city, Barcelona. I’m lucky to stay living in London now and enjoy them one more time :)

Olympic CupcakesOlympic Cupcakes

These are some pictures from my last cupcakes order. The order consisted of 24 Olympic Cupcakes. I chose some of the most important Olympic symbols for decorating them (rings, medals and torches), as well as Union Jack cupcake cases. I hope you like them!

Olympic Cupcakes (Torches)          Olympic Cupcakes

Olympic Cupcakes           Olympic Cupcakes

By the way, how many medals do you think GB will win? Make your own predictions! 

Have a nice Olympic weekend!

Olympic Cupcakes

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