Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Temptation

Hello everyone!

Most people like chocolate. You can’t deny it! It’s one of the greatest pleasures in life. We can find it in several flavours and presentations: chocolate bar, chocolate cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream, chocolates box, cocoa powder… and, luckily, CHOCOLATE ICING!!! :-D

Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Temptation

Which is your favourite kind of chocolate? 

With regard to flavour, I prefer the milk one (although I like the other ones as well!). Regarding consistency, I prefer melted/cream chocolate rather than solid one. Chocolate bars don’t usually appeal to me as much as Nutella or chocolate buttercream. Mmmm! 

Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Temptation

Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Temptation

But there is even a greater pleasure …  Just try to combine chocolate buttercream with vanilla one in the same swirl. It’s a fantastic combination!!

Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Temptation

We will need both vanilla buttercream (see easy vanilla buttercreamand a chocolate one. Here are the chocolate buttercream recipe which I propose: 


♦ 85 grs  (room temperature!)


♦ 320 grs 

♦ 80 ml 

♦ 1/2 tsp 


1) >>  + COCOA POWDER+ half of the amount of  (cover the bowl with a clean cloth to avoid splashing everywhere!)

2) Add +  and keep for a few seconds. 

3) Add the remaining and until smooth and creamy (4-5 minutes).

    That’s all!

Once the buttercream is ready, we will have to make a two-tone buttercream. I showed you this technique in one of the previous posts (click here to check the pictures). You just have to take 3 disposable piping bags (one of them should be big enough to contain the other two) and:

>>  Cut the corner of the biggest one and fit in the nozzle you wish (I recommend both #1M and #2D).

>>  Fill the second one with the vanilla buttercream and cut the corner (about 0.4″ cut) – (1 cm).

>>  Fill the third one with the chocolate buttercream and cut the corner (about 0.4″ cut) – (1 cm). 

The amount of required buttercream will depend on the number of cupcakes you want to decorate, but it always has to be the same in each piping bagInsert the two filled piping bags inside the biggest one, trying to fit the opened corner of each one into the nozzle. We will get a piping bag like the following one:

Two-tone Buttercream

Then, you have to decorate your cupcakes (easy vanilla cupcakes, for example) by making different swirls onto them and sprinkling chocolate strands as soon as possible to stick them easily onto the buttercream. 

Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Temptation

Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Temptation

To enhance even more your chocolate experience, try to add some chocolate chips in the cupcakes mixture before baking, or fill the sponges with Nutella once baked. 

Bon appetite,  Chocoholics!! ;-)  

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4 thoughts on “Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Temptation

  1. This will be my next experimental recipe… The cupcakes look soooooooo delicious, simply Y-U-M-M-Y!!!

    I will share this post on Facebook again!!! :D

  2. Amazing looking cupcakes! Especially loved the hatching chickens, the owls and the sheep! Very inspiring and just soooooooooooooooo cute!! :)
    Wish I had your patience and skill! x

    • Hi Kat!

      I’m happy to hear from you! Thanks for your comment, it’s very encouraging. I know you are passionate about baking too :) I hope everything is fine. Kind regards.

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