Big Eyes In The Night… Owl Cupcakes!!

Hi there!

About a couple of weeks ago I bought two packs of Oreo biscuits: the standard ones and the mini ones. At the beginning, I wanted to make Oreo buttercream (which is still pending!), but finally I used these biscuits for another purpose. Check it out! 


Have you noticed it? Can you find the Oreos? Look at the owls’ eyes! 


I just separated both sides of each biscuit very carefully, taking care not to break them. I had to remove some white cream because it was covering the whole biscuit surface (I think it was because of the hot!!), and it’s necessary to keep a thin black circle around it. Then I covered the top of the cupcakes with dark chocolate buttercream, stuck the “Oreo Eyes” and applied one dark chocolate chip in each eye (making cross-eyed owls). After that, I took the black biscuit sides without white cream, cut them in half and placed them as eyebrows. Finally, I placed an orange Smartie as a beak. 



They are funny, aren’t they? I took some pictures emulating a nightly forest. The moon and the stars were made of white sugarpaste (rolled fondant). So they were edible too!

They’re all gone now, not even the eyebrows are left! Just some pictures to remember them… 



By the way, in that occasion I made chocolate sponges (ok, I have some posts pending to write now…!). So these owls were almost pure chocolate! Mmmm! 

Have a nice weekend!

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