M&M’s Pool. Everything’s Colorful!!

This has been my first summer without going to the beach. Neither beach nor swimming pool. So, as you can imagine, I’m very pale! But I’m going to spend some days in Barcelona and if it’s still hot, I’ll have the opportunity to go to both places! I’m eager to have a dip and feel the smell of the Mediterranean Sea. 

By the way, what would you say this is?



Some days ago I decided to make a M&M’s cake because we wanted to welcome a partner who loves them. As I’m lately thinking all the time in beaches and swimming pools, I tried to make a “pool” plenty of M&M’s. I got my inspiration from the blog Texas Monkey. I loved the idea! 

M&M's Pool Cake

M&M's Pool Cake

This eye-catching and tasty cake it’s really easy to make. You just need a sponge, some buttercream, several KitKats, M&M’s and a ribbon. Anyway, you can add all the garnishes you wish, as I did with the grass and the flowers.

I made a 5″ layer round cake with vanilla buttercream filling. I covered the whole cake (top and sides) with a thick layer of buttercream in order to attach the KitKats (walls) and the M&M’s (content), although some of them were loose on the surface to get a better effect. I gently tied an orange ribbon around the cake to press and hold the KitKats in place. As you can see, the ribbon also worked as a nice ornament!

As garnish, I piped some grass on the cake board, surrounding the borders of the cake. To pipe grass, you just need green buttercream and a specific nozzle (tip #233, multi-opening tip).

Tip #233

I added some cute marzipan flowers too. I used blossom plunger cutters to make them. The brown leaves attached to the ribbon were made of chocolate fondant Regalice. Yes, fondant with chocolate colour and flavour! 

A piece of advice: be careful if it’s too hot because your fingertips will probably mark on KitKats! 

M&M's Pool Cake

It’s a colour explosion, isn’t it? 

If you love M&M’s and/or KitKat, you must try it, definitely

M&M's Pool Cake

I hope you like it!

See you in the next post.


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