Funny Ghost Cupcakes

Halloween is here!

But no fear! This year I’ll show you some funny and friendly ghosts who are eager to be eaten! haha

Ghost Cupcakes

Ghost Cupcakes

Although they are very simple, these cupcakes are the most special ones I’ve ever made because I had to make them with a one-armed mixer! Last week one of the beaters suddenly stopped working. But I really wanted to bake, so it wasn’t an obstacle for me!

Anyway, I’m waiting for my new mixer… A kitchenaid, maybe? ; )

Ghost Cupcakes

These plain ghosts are very easy to make. You just have to pipe 3 concentric circles of buttercream onto your cupcake by means of a large round decorating tip (I used #1A). Keep squeezing your piping bag in each layer for few seconds. Each circle/layer has to be smaller than the previous one. When piping the ghost’s head, you have to pull up your hand in order to get a peak on top. Then, you have to add some black fondant details to make faces more expressive and funny.

Enjoy these funny ghosts!

See you in the next post.


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