Merry Christmas! Xmas Tree Cupcakes

I’ve loved Christmas since I was a child. Xmas for me is illusion, happiness, joy, love, warmth… It’s a beautiful moment to gather with your family and enjoy all together.

This is being my first Christmas in London. Currently it’s amazingly decorated: Hyde Park, London Bridge, Westminster, Oxford Street… Hundreds of lights and garnishes everywhere. London is surrounded by such a magic atmosphere!

Xmas Tree Cupcakes

During this season I like decorating my Xmas tree with lots of garnishes, walking along the illuminated and crowded streets, watching Christmas films (even if I’ve watched them several times), and eating the typical food of this season, specially the sweet one (“turrón”, “polvorones”, “mantecados”… they’re all typical Spanish!! Yummmmmmmmy!!).

As I forgot my huge Xmas tree in Barcelona, this year I decided to make Xmas tree cupcakes instead! And as it’s difficult to find my favourite kind of “turrón” here (the “Jijona” ‘s one), I decided to eat them all too! haha. All in one! I’m jocking! Actually my partner brought some of them into his office to share with his workmates. Merry Christmas, guys!

Xmas Tree Cupcakes

Xmas Tree Cupcakes

These Xmas tree cupcakes are surprisingly easy to make. I got my inspiration from the book Objetivo: Cupcake Perfecto whose writer is Alma Obregón.

Xmas Tree Cupcakes

How To Make Them

Bake your cupcakes in brown paper liners. Let them cool onto a cooling rack. Meanwhile roll out some yellow gum paste (I used Wilton lemon yellow to colour it) and cut some stars by using a small star shaped pastry cutter.

Once your cupcakes have completely cooled, fill your piping bag with green buttercream (I used Wilton leaf green to colour it) and pipe a tall swirl onto each cupcake by using the #2D tip decoration (closed star). Immediately after (before buttercream dries), sprinkle your cupcake with sugar balls and add a star on top.

Xmas Tree Cupcakes

Xmas Tree Cupcakes

Give them a try! You’ll surprise all your guests this Christmas!

Have a nice week.


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