Easter Bunny Cookies

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Last week I made some Easter sugar biscuits. I couldn’t decorate most of them, as they were eaten as soon as they cooled after coming out from the oven. Beautiful smell, soft center, crispy borders… Yummm! Nobody could resist the temptation.

I rescued some bunny shaped biscuits to decorate them. My idea was to make funny bunnies, which had a couple of prominent and noticeable teeth.

Easter Bunny Cookies

Look at these three bunnies! Two boys and one girl. They’re inside a nest, holding a chocolate Easter egg. The chicks are coming to say hello… lol

Easter Bunny Cookies

To make these biscuits, I rolled out the dough to 0,5 cm (1/4 inch ) thick because I find this cookie thickness is better to support royal icing and other sugar details. However, I prefer thinner biscuits, since they are crispy everywhere.

Easter Bunny Cookies

Easter Bunny Cookies

After chilling the rolled dough, I cut the bunny shapes. Once they were baked and cooled, I decorated them with both stiff (outline) and flooding royal icing (body). When the icing dried, I used black edible marker (eyes, whiskers), red dust (rosy cheeks)  and sugar paste (teeth, bow ties…). Finally, I attached a Cadbury mini egg to each bunny.

Easter Bunny Cookies

 After so much time together, these two fell in love… haha.

Easter Bunny Cookies

I struggled to keep these three bunnies safe, as we were eager to eat them before taking pictures. But we had to wait! Well… once the pictures were taken, the cookies disappeared!!

Hopefully these cookies inspire you to make yours : )

Happy Easter!!


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    • ¡Hola Alejandra!

      ¡Gracias por valorar mi trabajo! Agradezco los comentarios y ánimos que me estás dando desde que conociste mi blog (yo también me he hecho seguidora del tuyo!). No sabes qué feliz me hace cada comentario que leo… : )

      Un abrazo.

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