Spring Basket Cookies

Hi there,

Spring is already here!  But actually, this year we’re not having a spring-like weather at all (few days ago it was snowing!). But hopefully we can enjoy this beautiful season soon.

There are many parks and green areas in London to go out when the sun shines and the weather is warm: Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Green Park, Sant James Park, Richmond Park, Hampstead Heath, and a long etcetera. People love  laying on the grass while reading books, listening to the music, having a picnic…

This year I made some spring baskets to welcome this idyllic season (it started last March 21st!). It’s an explosion of colour!

Spring Basket Cookies

Spring Basket Cookies

Spring Basket Cookies

They’re flowered and colorful basket cookies. To make them, I used several ingredients, as I had some leftovers which I preferred to use rather than throwing them away! They keep well in an airtight container inside the fridge (royal icing, buttercream) and it’s a pitty not to use them after a couple of days of having been made. That royal icing was made with meringue powder and that buttercream contained no milk, so there was no problem to use them at all.

Spring Basket Cookies

Here are the main ingredients and material that I used to decorate these basic round-shaped cookies which I turned into baskets:

•  Soft peaks royal icing + light brown colouring + tip #2 –> Outline, basket weave pattern and handle.

•  Flood icing + dark brown colouring + tip #4 –> Bottom of the basket.

•  Gum paste + food colouring + modelling tools + cutters –> Ruffles, flowers, butterflies.

•  Stiff buttercream + green colouring + tip #67 –> Leaves.

•  Yellow shimmer pearls –> Center of the flowers.

Spring Basket Cookies

Spring Basket Cookies

TIP:  When you want to attach sugar details to your cookie (in this case, flowers, butterflies, shimmer pearls) you can use royal icing or buttercream instead of edible glue. They also work pretty well!

I’ll keep practicing with Royal icing in order to improve my piping technique when decorating cookies. I love it! It’s completely addictive!

Spring Basket Cookies

I hope you can already feel Spring is here!

See you soon.


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