Cake International. London 2013. Part 2.

Hi everyone,

As I promised in my previous post (check it out if you haven’t!), here are some other works which were exhibited at Cake International in London: cakes, cupcakes, sugarcraft flowers, biscuits… There are many adjectives to describe them and the previous ones: beautiful, lovely, cute, amazing, stunning, awesome, unbelievable, wonderful, impressive, astonishing… They’re “WOW!” works, aren’t they?

Let’s go!

Look at its face! So cute!

Cute evil bear

Fairy cupcake toppers. Great attention to detail! Love them.

Tiny shoes

This is not a cake, but a building made from biscuits. Lovely!

Honeymoon. Passion everywhere!

This cake was really funny. It made me laugh a lot!

Kentucky “Sweet” Chicken. lol

They look so realistic, but both these flowers and the following ones were made from sugar!


Congratulations to the clever artists who made each one of them.

See you soon!


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2 thoughts on “Cake International. London 2013. Part 2.

    • Hi Pere,

      Everybody says that it’s a shame to eat them because they look so beautiful. You should try! Then , you’d change your mind! ;)

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