Wedding Cookies & Candy Bar

Hi there,

Last Saturday two friends of mine, Núria & Javi, got married in Barcelona. It was a beautiful celebration, with plenty of details and love everywhere.

Few months ago, they suggested me if I would like to be responsible for the sweet side of their wedding.  I was really happy to hear that and I gladly accepted their proposal. So last week, I went to Barcelona and I worked very hard in that order. Fortunately, it was worthy : )

First of all, I made lots of wedding cookies, one per person (around 120 units, some of them gluten-free). Once the cookies were decorated (sugar wedding rings, initials…), I wrapped them in individual cellophane bags and I added a label on top, which contained a nice message to each guest.

Wedding Cookies

Wedding Cookie

Wedding Cookie    Wedding Cookie 

 The message on the label was written both in Spanish and Catalan. Its translation is as follows: “A single piece has no meaning by itself. But if we put them together, we get a big puzzle. Thanks for being part of ours!”. 

Wedding Cookies

The final design was slightly different between cookies (fondant impression, details arrangement…).

I stored them in a large box to keep them tidily and carry them carefully. In the following picture, they were still unlabeled (sorry for the poor quality of this photo, it was taken with my old mobile).

Wedding cookies box

Lots of wedding cookies!!

Apart from the cookies, I made the cupcakes for the candy bar, which was set up during the night. I made 118 mini cupcakes and 60 standard ones, which were filled with strawberry jam, Nutella or “dulce de leche” (yummy!!!).  Some of them were gluten-free (you can check the recipe here). The decoration was simple but effective: colorful plain swirls made with vanilla buttercream and some sprinkles on top.

The candy bar was placed in a room with little light during the night, so the pictures look a bit dark. The cupcakes were placed gradually on the stands, as the previous ones were disappearing, haha. Here are some pictures!

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Gluten-free cupcakes

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

A funny picture with my friend Estela

I made them a couple of days in advance, but they were still really fluffy and flavourful that day. Yay!

Finally, I’d like to give best wishes to my just married friends! You both deserve the best in this new phase ; )

And… Really happy for being part of your puzzle!!


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4 thoughts on “Wedding Cookies & Candy Bar

  1. There is a pretty girl in red in your post! Haha
    Those cookies were so nice, cute, good tasty, an preapered with all your love.
    You are an artist!!! And the cupcackes?? O.M.G!!!!!!

    • Estela!

      Thanks for encouraging me! And you’re right, there’s a pretty girl in red with me ;P Sooo prety!!

      This morning I’m going to make cookie dough and cinnamon biscuits. I wish you were here to taste them!

      See u soon, sweetie!

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