Funny Feet Cookies (like the ice cream!)

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These days are not being very summery in London. It’s cloudy every day. We’re all missing the sun! We are eager to go out to the parks  and green areas to have a picnic and have fun whilst sunbathing ; ) Sun, where are you?? Don’t hide! We’re anxiously waiting for you! We need your light and warmth to be happier!

Actually, I’ve been waiting for a beautiful sunny day to post this pictures, but it hasn’t come yet… So I’ve decided to post it anyway, hoping for a better weather from now on : – )


When I was a child, I loved having ice creams during all summer days. Who didn’t?? My favourite one was Funny Feet (also called Frigo Pie in Spain). And yours?

Do you remember this creamy and strawberry-flavoured ice cream?

Funny Feet Cookies

Funny Feet Cookies

As you can see, these pictures are not showing the original Funny Feet ice cream, but Funny Feet-shaped sugar cookies. I decided to make them in order to honour both the incipient summer (“toes” crossed! lol) and our missed childhood, of course.

Happy Feet Ice Cream


Funny Feet Ice Cream


I experimented with Royal Icing to make the pink coating. A part from adding pink paste colouring, I added some sifted strawberry “Nesquik to flavour the icing.  I got a beautiful royal icing consistency anyway, and a yummy strawberry milkshake flavour! Royal icing dried perfectly hard after my experiment. Yay!

Funny Feet Cookies

Funny Feet Cookies

Although they’re not exactly the same that the genuine ice cream, these cookies have a huge advantage: they don’t melt despite the baking summer hot! They’ll keep their shape for a long time!

     Funny Feet Cookies      Funny Feet Cookies

     Funny Feet Cookies      Funny Feet Cookies

Just put them inside an airtight container!

Funny Feet Cookies

Have a sweet and refreshing summer!


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3 thoughts on “Funny Feet Cookies (like the ice cream!)

  1. Unvelievable! A couple of hours after writing this post, the sky is absolutely clear and the sun is shinning! The weather has read my post and it has obeyed me! Let’s go out to enjoy this sunny afternoon!

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