Giant Cupcake Recipe

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Today I bring you a cupcake. A recipe for just one cupcake. But you won’t be able to finish this cupcake by yourself, you’ll probably need to share it with your colleagues, since it’s equivalent to 24 standard cupcakes! Yes, I’m talking about the trending giant cupcake!

This “monster” is around 25 cm tall and 16 cm wide (10 inch x 6 inch). To make it, you’ll need some special equipment, as a giant cupcake pan and a cake release spray to prevent the cupcake from sticking (this kind of pan is difficult to line with parchment paper).






The best way to make a giant cupcake is following a recipe which uses around 6 eggs as the one that I propose, which really worked a treat:

Giant Cupcake Recipe


All the ingredients have to be at room temperature to combine well and prevent the batter from curdle.

To make the Sponge:

♦ 300 gr unsalted butter 

♦ 300 g white sugar

♦ 300 g all-purpose flour 

♦ 6 eggs  (medium size)

♦ 1 tbsp baking powder

♦ 1 tbsp vanilla extract

To make the Buttercream:

 Quantity to cover the sides, the joint between the two sponges (top and bottom parts) and to pipe the thick decoration on top.

 ♦ 200 g unsalted butter

♦ 400 g icing sugar

♦ 1 tbsp milk

♦ 2 tsp vanilla extract

Colouring paste -a small amount- (optional)

Click here to see the steps to make buttercream (but in this case, using the referred amounts above).

To Decorate:

♦ 2 packets of chocolate fingers (250 grs)

Buttercream (see recipe above)


Sugarpaste (optional)


Making, baking, leveling, assembling & decorating

1) Pre-heat the oven at 160º / 325 F.

2) Sift the flour and the baking powder in a separate bowl. Set aside.

3) Cream the butter and the sugar until pale and fluffy.

4) Add the eggs, one at a time, an mix at slow speed until well incorporated.

5) Add the vanilla extract and keep mixing slowly for few seconds.

6) Add the flour and the baking powder. Fold carefully by using a spatula until just incorporated.

7) Grease both cavities  of the pan with the release spray and fill them 1/2 full with the batter.

8) Bake for approximately 1 hour (I needed 1 hour and 15 minutes) or until a toothpick comes out clean.

 Tip: turn the pan around halfway through baking to ensure the cupcake is evenly baked.

9) Leave the cupcake to cool completely. If don’t, the sponge will stick on the pan and it’ll break.

10) Level the two parts of the cupcake (top part of the bottom cake and bottom part of the top piece) in order to fit the pieces together properly.

11) Once the layers are leveled, add a thin layer of buttercream on the top part of the bottom half of the cupcake.

12) Stack the top cake on top of the bottom piece.

13) Ice the sides of the cupcakes with a thin layer of  buttercream (it’ll act as an adhesive to hold the chocolate fingers).

14) Attach the chocolate fingers vertically on the sides, one by one . They will be the cupcake “case”.

15) Pipe the buttercream on top. Be as creative as you want! I used a tip #M1 (open star).

16) Add loads of sprinkles on top and the sugarpaste figurines you like (I put wired flowers and butterflies).

I hope you’ll try to make it, as it’s easier than it seems and everybody will be surprised (even yourself)! Give it a try!

Happy baking : – )


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4 thoughts on “Giant Cupcake Recipe

        • Hi there,

          I’m not used to work with cups, but having a look on the internet I found something approximate:

          300 grs unsalted butter = 1 1/4 cups
          300 grs flour = 2 cups
          300 grs sugar = 1 1/2 cups

          200 grs unsalted butter= 3/4 cups
          400 g icing sugar = 3 1/4 cups

          Hope it helps!


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