St Valentine’s Cupcakes… 7 months in advance!

Hi there,

After reading the title of this post, you might think I’ve gone completely mad, but I’m not…! So why did I make these cupcakes precisely in summer? The reason is that I was told to bring some home-made St Valentine’s Cupcakes to a job interview for a creative position in a well-known bakery. They suggested the topic, I just put my imagination!

St Valentine's Cupcakes

St Valentine's Cupcakes

I tried to be pretty creative. All the figurines were completely hand-crafted (I didn’t use any mould) and fully edible, of course ;)

The first cupcake was a rich chocolate one with a marbled vintage clock on top. The main hours were replaced by hearts and you could read at the bottom “IT’S LOVE O’CLOCK”, written with royal icing.

The second one was a coffee flavoured cupcake with a cup on top and some spilled coffee forming a heart-shaped spill. I also added some chocolate coffee beans around.

The third cupcake was a red velvet one. I used the cream cheese as a cloud, which was run through by Cupido. Poor Cupido! ┬áHe was hit by one of his own arrows and then he felt in love!! His feet are so cute, aren’t they?

The last one was a pure vanilla cupcake. A tiny rose was growing around a heart. It was like a metaphor: “GROW YOUR LOVE”.

St Valentine's Cupcake

It’s Love O’Clock

St Valentine's Cupcake

Coffee Lovers

St Valentine's Cupcakes

Cupido in Love

St Valentine's Cupcake

Grow Your Love

I hope you like them and you get inspired for next St Valetine’s Day or any other romantic celebration : – )

See you soon.