Bcn & Cake 2013

Hi there,

Two weeks ago I went to Bcn & Cake 2013, the second edition of  the popular baking and cake decorating fair in Barcelona.

There were 3 categories in the competition: story cakes, wedding cakes and sugar flowers. Here are some of the beautiful cakes and sugar flowers that were displayed in there:

1st Prize in its category (story cakes)

2nd Prize in its category (story cakes)

3rd Prize in its category (story cakes)

3rd Prize in its category (wedding cakes)

Sugar flowers

Sugar flowers

Sugar flowers

Sugar flowers

There were also some other cakes exhibited in the stalls a part from the competition ones and I specially fell in love of this novelty cake. What a lovely and realistic dog!!

I was so lucky to meet my favourite Spanish baking blogger and cupcake maker in there, whose name is Alma Obregón from the blog “Objetivo Cupcake Perfecto“.   She is very popular in Spain and everybody was queuing to meet her personally, get her signature and take some pictures. I adore her!!

Alma & me

I’m looking forward to going to the next edition in 2014.

See you soon!



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2 thoughts on “Bcn & Cake 2013

  1. Wow, these cakes are very imaginative and the skill gone into them is really inspiring. I would have never of seen cakes like this if not for your post, Chets. Thank you, and what an absolutely gorgeous photo of you and the cake blogger ‘Alma’ xoxo

    • Thanks for your comment, Tom!! These cakes are pure art! I can’t stop admiring them… I’m sure you can make cakes like those, or even better :) You’re more than a cake decorator, you’re a cake artist! So so talented.

      xoxo :*

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