My Christmas Cake: Santa’s Sleigh Crash

Hi there,

Today I bring sad news. Santa’s had an accident!

He was happily flying in his sleigh, got distracted and suddenly fell down over a snowy landscape!! Crash !!

I had this funny idea for my Christmas cake. Easy and delicious! I hope you get inspired.

I coated this 8 inch cake with a thin layer of buttercream and some coconut flakes, which look like snow. The figurines and ornaments were handcrafted with gum paste. I made the sleigh tracks over the snow by means of a skewer.

Despite his accident… don’t panic! I can assure you that Santa’s feeling better now and he’s going to be able to give everybody their Christmas presents ;)

Merry Christmas!


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2 thoughts on “My Christmas Cake: Santa’s Sleigh Crash

  1. Dearest Chets,

    Firstly, poor Santa! And then – Wowww, this cake is sooo fun and so very beautiful. I can just imagine all the children in my family looking at this and their imaginations running wild! Nice work as usual, Chets!


    • Thanks for your nice comment, as always : ) I appreciate a lot your visits to my blog!!

      The children in your family are lucky to have someone like you to make their cakes! :D

      Merry Christmas, Tom!!


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