The Three Wise Men Cupcakes (Los Tres Reyes Magos)

Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas days are over but in Spain we still have a beautiful tradition to celebrate on January 6th: the Three Wise Men! Their names are: Melchor, Gaspar & Baltasar. That’s why I made these cute “Wise Men” cupcakes, so I could share the story with all you lot!

According to the history, the Wise Men gave three presents to baby Jesus to celebrate his birth: gold, frankincense and myrrh. So, following this tradition, we also give presents to our family and friends on that day. But you’d better had behaved well the previous year! If not, the Wise Men might bring you “carbón dulce” as “punishment”!

The Three Wise Men’s Eve is also very special. The streets are full of people who want to see the “Three Wise Men” in their parade floats. Almost every town has its own parade. Sweets are thrown along the streets for kids to pick them up. It´s so funny to see also grown ups fighting to get few sweets from the floor!

During this celebration on January 6th we typically eat “Roscón de Reyes“, a very sweet desert that contains a king figurine inside, as well as a raw bean. The person who gets the king figurine in their slice of Roscón de Reyes becomes the king of the table and has to wear a card crown. However the person who gets the bean in their slice becomes the responsible for paying the Roscón!! That’s bad luck! lol.

Have a nice and sweet “día de Reyes”! I hope you don’t get too much carbón dulce ;)