Paint Palette Doughnuts

Hey there,

Last time I made mini doughnuts was to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The way I decorated them (drippy red glaze) gave me some inspiration for a new creation. I kept that in mind until last week, when I finally decided to give shape  to my idea.

They’re baked mini doughnuts coated in colorful and drippy glaze, looking like paint on a wooden palette. But they’re edible, really!

I wanted to make a messy impression, like if a kid had been painting with it.

About the Recipe:

To make the doughnuts, I followed this recipe.

About the Decoration:

To make the colorful glaze, combine some icing sugar with some tbsp of water (one at a time) until getting a thick consistency which has to flow. We don’t want either a very stiff glaze or a runny one. Then, you can split the glaze in different bowls and colour it with some food colouring (blue, orange, pink, green, yellow, purple…). Dip the doughnuts in it and let the glaze to drip. Leave them to dry before handling them again.

Regarding the palette, I drew a real size palette on a cardboard. Then I carefully cut it and covered it with wooden effect sugarpaste, trimming the excess with a sharp cutter.

I handcrafted the brush using sugarpaste. It’s like modelling play-dooh, but using sugarpaste you can eat the whole work!

I was taking pictures with a variety of wallpapers to create different light effects, contrasts,  etc. Just experimenting, like usual ;)

I hope you like these delicious and colorful mini doughnuts and they paint a smile in your face!

See you soon.


Underwear Cookies (Bras & Knickers!)

Hey there,

I love piping. It’s my favourite activity in cake decorating, even more than modelling. That’s why I was willing to pipe in my day off last week. Yes, I just wanted to pipe. Piping fine details… So, after planning and designing what I wanted to do exactly, I baked some cookies first hour in the morning and few hours later I was ready to decorate them!

As you can see, these “femenine shapes” were got by means of a heart-shaped cookie cutter. I created polka-dot underwear by piping royal icing.

Heart-shaped Cookie Cutter

To make these underwear cookies, I used the following material:

 Heart-shaped cutter to give that specific shape to the cookies (boobs and bums, oh myyy!). 

◊ Plastic piping bags

 Royal icing in 2 different consistencies: 

♦ Piping consistency (outline and fine details, them all made in white colour)

♦ Flood consistency  (pink and purple underwear, as well as white dots )

 Plain Nozzles

♦ #2  (outline, dots and fine details)

♦ #4 (flooding)

To make the dots, I applied a technique known as “wet on wet“, which requires at least two different colours of flood consistency royal icing to make a contrast. It consists on flooding the cookie with royal icing (pink and purple in this case) and add some drops of other colour straight away, as a kind of polka dots.

I hope you like my sweet underwear designs and you get some inspiration to create yours!

See you soon,