Underwear Cookies (Bras & Knickers!)

Hey there,

I love piping. It’s my favourite activity in cake decorating, even more than modelling. That’s why I was willing to pipe in my day off last week. Yes, I just wanted to pipe. Piping fine details… So, after planning and designing what I wanted to do exactly, I baked some cookies first hour in the morning and few hours later I was ready to decorate them!

As you can see, these “femenine shapes” were got by means of a heart-shaped cookie cutter. I created polka-dot underwear by piping royal icing.

Heart-shaped Cookie Cutter

To make these underwear cookies, I used the following material:

 Heart-shaped cutter to give that specific shape to the cookies (boobs and bums, oh myyy!). 

◊ Plastic piping bags

 Royal icing in 2 different consistencies: 

♦ Piping consistency (outline and fine details, them all made in white colour)

♦ Flood consistency  (pink and purple underwear, as well as white dots )

 Plain Nozzles

♦ #2  (outline, dots and fine details)

♦ #4 (flooding)

To make the dots, I applied a technique known as “wet on wet“, which requires at least two different colours of flood consistency royal icing to make a contrast. It consists on flooding the cookie with royal icing (pink and purple in this case) and add some drops of other colour straight away, as a kind of polka dots.

I hope you like my sweet underwear designs and you get some inspiration to create yours!

See you soon,



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