Mice & Cheese Cookies

Hi there!

Recently I’ve been specially interested in cookie decorating. I love piping, so when I have a cookie in front of me, I just want to pipe and pipe royal icing throughout. And once finished, I happily start piping the next one, and so on until I decorate the whole batch of cookies.

Cookie decorating it’s a quite time-consuming process (mixing, rolling, cutting, baking, preparing royal icing, decorating, drying time, packing…) although very very fun and gratifying. I usually add one more step, which is taking pictures of the result and sometimes, making photo collages.

As I mentioned in my previous post (frog cookies), I think that changing the purpose of the cookie cutters is very interesting and highly creative. Making a frog from a flower-shaped cutter, sexy underwear from a heart-shaped one… In this occasion, I used a heart-shaped cutter again to make playful mice.

If you keep the whole heart-shaped cookie, you can make mice faces  (both boys and girls!). If you cut it in half before baking, you can make some little mice. In addition, if you cut a round cookie dough in half, you’ll make the simplest and easiest mice ever :- )

I didn’t forget to make some cheese sugar cookies to make my mice happy!! Some slices ended up with a few bites…

I got my inspiration from Sugar Dot Cookies, who made some cute mice faces and squares of cheese. I added my personal touch, as well as new stuff, of course!

I hope you like them and as I did, you get inspired!

See you soon.



Frog Cookies

Hi there!

I love the idea of changing the purpose of a cookie cutter. For instance, a  flower cutter is usually used to create beautiful flower-shaped cookies, isn’t it? But and if we think beyond that and we find another uses? We could save a lot of money in cookie cutters!

That’s also a wonderful way to develop your creativity.

What I recently did was to use a plain flower cutter to create frog cookies. I was staring at the cutter for a while and the idea appeared suddenly: cute frogs wearing a bow!! Don’t you believe me?

I chose two complementary colours to match the composition.

Quick Decorating Steps:

1) Using a flower-shaped cutter like this, make some flower cookies. Bake them and leave them to cool before decorating.


2) Mark the cookie with the details you want to pipe, using an edible marker or a scriber (as a guide when piping).


3) Pipe the eyes with white flood royal icing (use a scriber to spread the icing evenly and to remove any air bubbles)  → Let it set for 30 minutes before starting the next step.


4) Pipe the face with green flood royal icing (use a scriber to spread the icing evenly and to remove any air bubbles)  → Let it set for 30 minutes.

As you can see, I don’t pipe outlines, I flood straight away.


5) Pipe the center of the bow with dark violet flood royal icing. Optional: add some coloured sugar before the icing dries and it’ll be attached straight away  → Let it set for 30 minutes.


6) Pipe both sides of the bow with dark violet flood royal icing. Straight away, use the wet on wet technique: pipe some dots with light violet flood royal icing or pipe two horizontal lines instead and marble the pattern with a scriber (upwards and downwards motion, from left to right) → Let it dry.


7) When the cookies are dry enough (after 6-12 hours) pipe the mouth with red medium consistency royal icing (soft peaks) → Let it set for 15 minutes .


8) Pipe the tongue with pink medium consistency royal icing (soft peaks) →Let it dry.


9) Paint the pupils by using a toothpick and black food coloring → Let it dry completely for some hours before wrapping.

As another example to use a cutter with different purposes than the usual one, in a previous occasion I used a simple  heart-shaped cutter to make underwear cookies. Anyway these frogs are more genuine! They were designed using my imagination!

 Ribbit, ribbit!

See you soon,