Tropical Fish Cookies For Kids

Hi there,

Yesterday I was experimenting some techniques with the leftover royal icing of my last PME decorating lesson. I didn’t want to throw it away because it was still in perfect condition. I baked some delicious fish-shaped cookies and I decorated them with colourful patterns using the marbling technique, the petal effect (to make the scales)… I think they look great for a kids’ party in the summer! Funny and simple!

Since I was in a rush, I couldn’t take as many pictures as usual. Just this one…!

I think I’ll be making more cookies next week. If so, I’ll share the result with you all to give you some inspiration!

Have a good week,


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6 thoughts on “Tropical Fish Cookies For Kids

    • Hello Robyn,

      I just piped one dot of royal icing at a time and then I spread it with a tiny palette knife (starting from the center of the dot). Once the first column of dots piped and spread, start the second column proceeding the same way (overlapping each dot with the previous ones), and so on until completing the whole fish.

      Hope it helps!


  1. Hey Sara,

    I love the looks of these fish cookies! I have an event for my fishing club coming up and I wanted to make cookies like these. What recipe would you recommend?



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