Hearthstone Cake

Hi there, 

This is the novelty cake I prepared for Ewa, my friend’s wife. She loves playing Hearthstone game (specially against him, haha) and since he wanted to surprise her, nothing better than a cake looking like the same game board to celebrate her birthday!

I decorated everything from scratch, including the hand made figurines. Everything was edible!

This game has several game boards depending on the four figures on the corners and we decided to go ahead with the one containing buildings. 

I misunderstood the figurine on top of the castle (it was unclear in the picture I used) and I made a kind of weapon. Actually, according to my boyfriend, it should be an hippogriff!! hahaha. 

I attach some step-by-step pictures of the decorating process. I had a lot of fun making it! 

If you still don’t trust me, here’s the proof it was a real cake, haha!!…

Cut of the Cake. Yummy chocolate!!!

Making this cake was a big challenge for me and I’m so glad I did it!

Have a nice weekend, 


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