Thanksgiving Cake (Tricolour)

Hi there,

Next week is Thanksgiving Day. Exactly on Thursday, November 26th. Yay! Any celebration is perfect to make a cake!

This cake was decorated with three different colours of buttercream. The secret to get clean, even and sharp lines is applying each colour by means of a piping bag (two lines of yellow, two lines of orange, two lines of brown chocolate). Then scraping very carefully the sides : -) You don’t have to use any other tool at all.

I piped the borders with orange buttercream using an open star nozzle and also added three handmade fondant pumpkins on top.

Hope you like it and have a great Thanksgiving Day!



Cake International. Birmingham 2015

Hi there,

Few days ago I went to Cake International in Birmingham. Although most of the competition cakes and decorative pieces were absolutely beautiful, I’ll show you a nice selection of them:

This cake was the winner of the competition due to the intricate and perfect detail.

I really think the skill level is higher and higher every year!

If you’d like to check some other competition cakes in Cake International London 2015, follow this link.