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I’m a Speech Therapist and Educational Psychologist mum from Barcelona who felt completely lost when arrived in London early 2012. My English wasn’t good enough to keep developing my profession in England but I really wanted to start working and be immersed in that awesome language that I wished to learn so much. 

I loved home baking and decorating, actually that’s what I was making in my free time -specially in dark and cold days-, so I thought that it could be a great idea to try and work in the cake world. That was the reason this site was born: I needed someone to give me an opportunity in that field without having previous experience, and the only way was showing my enthusiasm and motivation for baking through my blog. 

Soon after I got a job in a famous cupcake bakery in London, where all my decorating experience began. I kept learning and improving my decorating skills through those years in other bakeries, specially in the lovely cake shop I was working before having my child, where everything made was bespoke and lovingly detailed. 

I can’t thank enough for what London has given me so far, specially the opportunity to also become a passionate cake designer! I could never have done it without being here!

Hope you get inspired by my creations! :)


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hola sara, soy amiga de tu madre, tengo una cafeteria en el mercado cercano donde vive tu madre y charlo mucho con ella,las conozco muy bien a ella y a pilar que ya conozes tambien, y te felicito por las cosas tan bonitas que e visto y que tengas mucha suerte, espero conozerte cuando vengas a barcelona y poder probarlas un beso

  2. Hi Sara,

    We are waiting for you photo here, with one of your amazing cupcake’s apron!

    XXX (english kisses seem a Porn film! XD)

    • Ester,

      I’ll post that picture soon. By the way, you owe me an apron! ;)

      xoxo (hugs and kisses). Don’t let your mind think in the Spanish meaning XDD

  3. Hi Sonia:
    I’m a cake decoration fan. My mother used to do this for a living, I’m currently am helping someone improve her English as she will be taking a course in London shortly. Your baking vocabulary came in very handy! Thank-you.

  4. Hola Sara! Me llamo Ana y el viernes me voy con una amiga a hacer unas prácticas de repostería en Londres, una semana en Harrods y otra semana en Ladureé, tu post me ha venido de gran ayuda, muchas gracias y enhorabuena por tu blog. Vamos a estar allí del 14 al 31 de agosto, si tuvieras un ratín libre nos encantaría conocerte y que nos mostraras tus sitios favoritos de repostería. Un saludo

    • Hola Ana,

      Os deseo un montón de suerte durante vuestra estancia de prácticas en repostería! Esta vez no podrá ser, pero si volvéis a Londres, ya me diréis.

      Un saludo!!

  5. No deixes de meravellar-me, gaudeixo mirant el teu bloc i t’imagino concentrada i il.lusionada igual que feies quan treballàvem juntes.
    T’animo a que segueixis creant i evolucionant com fins ara. A big kiss to you,!!!!

    • Many thanks, Carme!!! Ets un sol! Faci el que faci, sempre intento donar el millor de mi, sóc una perfeccionista, hehe. Petonetssss, guapa! Take care :)

  6. good afternoon, your page is divine, there are wonderful things, I am starting in this of the pastry, I do not speak English, only Spanish, what do I do? when will you put your recipes in Spanish? Thanks hugs.

    • Hola Carolina, gracias por tu comentario. En mi blog presento tartas ya terminadas, no suelo colgar recetas en general. Un saludo y mucha suerte!

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