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Baking is my passion, definitely.      


Have you ever been to Barcelona? I was born there. It’s a beautiful city by the sea. Sometimes I miss my city (as everybody who leaves their own town), but I quickly feel good because I’m currently living in London, a cosmopolitan and wonderful city. I feel at ease here, surrounded by polite and really nice people. I also love the huge and green parks throughout the city. I can breathe fresh air there, contemplate the nature, enjoy the funny and lovely squirrels, and inspire myself.

It was in Barcelona where my love for baking started. At the beginning, I just baked muffins and sponge cakes, especially on weekends. But little by little, I started to bake more elaborated desserts. When I arrived in London, my passion for baking continued growing up quickly. One day, I fell in love! Yes, it was when I tried my first cupcake. It was delicious! Delicious! It was just a little cake but full of flavour in each bite. Since then, I haven’t stopped baking them. I enjoy during the whole process (which is totally home-made): preparing the mixture, making the icing, baking the cupcakes, decorating them… and eating them, of course! It has been the sweetest experience in my entire life!

I love peanut butter. Its flavour, its smell…  My favourite cupcake has crispy peanut butter in the sponge, a massive swirl of smooth peanut butter buttercream and a whole peanut butter cup (known as Reese’s) on top. I even use a spoon when eating it to make the pleasure last longer. Heavenly good! :D  

Apart from the amazing world of baking, I like animals, blogging, watching documentaries, writing, listening to music, going for a walk, and meeting new people. I love having a hot cup of tea every day. It relaxes me a lot.  

I would like everybody to try how delicious cupcakes are, as I did! If you try them, you will repeat! I’m sure! What are you waiting for? ;)


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hola sara, soy amiga de tu madre, tengo una cafeteria en el mercado cercano donde vive tu madre y charlo mucho con ella,las conozco muy bien a ella y a pilar que ya conozes tambien, y te felicito por las cosas tan bonitas que e visto y que tengas mucha suerte, espero conozerte cuando vengas a barcelona y poder probarlas un beso

  2. Hi Sara,

    We are waiting for you photo here, with one of your amazing cupcake’s apron!

    XXX (english kisses seem a Porn film! XD)

    • Ester,

      I’ll post that picture soon. By the way, you owe me an apron! ;)

      xoxo (hugs and kisses). Don’t let your mind think in the Spanish meaning XDD

  3. Hi Sonia:
    I’m a cake decoration fan. My mother used to do this for a living, I’m currently am helping someone improve her English as she will be taking a course in London shortly. Your baking vocabulary came in very handy! Thank-you.

  4. Hola Sara! Me llamo Ana y el viernes me voy con una amiga a hacer unas prácticas de repostería en Londres, una semana en Harrods y otra semana en Ladureé, tu post me ha venido de gran ayuda, muchas gracias y enhorabuena por tu blog. Vamos a estar allí del 14 al 31 de agosto, si tuvieras un ratín libre nos encantaría conocerte y que nos mostraras tus sitios favoritos de repostería. Un saludo

    • Hola Ana,

      Os deseo un montón de suerte durante vuestra estancia de prácticas en repostería! Esta vez no podrá ser, pero si volvéis a Londres, ya me diréis.

      Un saludo!!

  5. No deixes de meravellar-me, gaudeixo mirant el teu bloc i t’imagino concentrada i il.lusionada igual que feies quan treballàvem juntes.
    T’animo a que segueixis creant i evolucionant com fins ara. A big kiss to you,!!!!

    • Many thanks, Carme!!! Ets un sol! Faci el que faci, sempre intento donar el millor de mi, sóc una perfeccionista, hehe. Petonetssss, guapa! Take care :)

  6. good afternoon, your page is divine, there are wonderful things, I am starting in this of the pastry, I do not speak English, only Spanish, what do I do? when will you put your recipes in Spanish? Thanks hugs.

    • Hola Carolina, gracias por tu comentario. En mi blog presento tartas ya terminadas, no suelo colgar recetas en general. Un saludo y mucha suerte!

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