Thanksgiving Cake (Tricolour)

Hi there,

Next week is Thanksgiving Day. Exactly on Thursday, November 26th. Yay! Any celebration is perfect to make a cake!

This cake was decorated with three different colours of buttercream. The secret to get clean, even and sharp lines is applying each colour by means of a piping bag (two lines of yellow, two lines of orange, two lines of brown chocolate). Then scraping very carefully the sides : -) You don’t have to use any other tool at all.

I piped the borders with orange buttercream using an open star nozzle and also added three handmade fondant pumpkins on top.

Hope you like it and have a great Thanksgiving Day!



Princess Palace Cake

Hi there,

I recently made this super pink and girly princess palace cake.

It was fully iced and piped with smooth buttercream. The topper (palace) and side decorations (crown and wands) where made out of fondant.

For the piping, I used a small open star nozzle.

To make the standing 2D palace, the sugarpaste was mixed with CMC and rolled pretty thick (around 5 mm). That thickness is important to get a more sturdy topper and to be able to insert a skewer in its center to attach the topper securely into the cake. The skewer was inserted just half the way through the topper and when the central piece was still workable (not dry).

The castle and the turrets were made separately (same thickness) and then sticked together with edible glue when dry.

Just before placing the finished palace, I cut the skewer to make it shorter and insert it nicely inside the cake.

Hope you liked it!

See you soon,


Cupcake Train

Hi there,

This is the train made out of cupcakes I made last week for Hugo’s 3rd birthday. He’s still very young, but he decided by himself he wanted a train to share with his friends at his party. And this was the result: a train carrying loads of smarties!

The engine train was made of sugarpaste and the carriages out of cupcakes. The wheels were mini oreo, by the way!

I was given some fabulous feedback about it! It was funny to hear that the kids ate everything, even the grass and the track!!

And that was not all, there was still a small cake to share!

Have a nice week!


Mermaid Cake. Under the sea

Hi there,

I love modelling cute sugar characters, specially for kids. Last Sunday, I really fancied to make a mermaid (yes, it had to be a mermaid, just a mermaid!! lol). I didn’t even think in the whole cake design first, I just carried on making the figurine! The design came after she was made!

I designed a two-tiered cake. The bottom tier was the sea (iced with blue buttercream and handmade fondant decorations) and the top tier cake was the rock where the mermaid was sitting (shaped and covered with grey fondant).

Hope you like it!

Have a nice week,


Archery Cake & Cookies

Hi there,

Last week I made this cake for an archery-themed party. The birthday girl wanted a target, a bow and an arrow on top of a green cake, as well as some cookies to match the theme. I really hope she enjoyed it!!

The cake was iced and piped with green buttercream and the archery decorations were made out of fondant.

Some cookies were decorated with sugarpaste (targets) and some others were hand piped with royal icing (bows and arrows).

See you soon!


Pirate Cake

Hi there,

I really loved making this pirate cake for Meg!! Doesn’t it look summery and refreshing? lol.

A ship is sailing on the quiet and blue sea, whilst a pirate is smiling between two swords.  The treasure is close!!

I think this design would be a great choice for a kids’ party.

This cake was iced and piped with royal blue buttercream and the pirate decorations were made out of sugarpaste. The coins on the sides are chocolate ones!

Have a nice and summery weekend!


Ballerina Tutu Cupcakes (with Wings!)

Hi there,

One of the things I like the most when working with fondant is frilling!! I love frilling & I love frills :-)

So when I was asked to make these colourful ballerina tutu cupcakes for a 6 year-old girl I felt very excited! hehe.

Because of the wings, they actually look like pretty fairy dresses, don’t they?

Due to the upper shape of the tutus (I was just trying to give a 3D effect), it could be a great idea to fill them with some smarties to give an extra surprise!

This is one of the boxes with the cupcakes inside. I enjoyed a lot making them!

I hope you liked them!