Jolly Möh & Pink Floyd Cake… An hilarous combination!

Hi there,

Last week I made a very interesting birthday cake, which I wanted to share with all of you. The person the cake was for, is a big fan of Pink Floyd’s music and Mario Benedetti’s poetry and she loves the cute Jolly Möh sheep and the white roses. So I designed a cake consisting on a single round tier with a Jolly Möh sheep on top wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt and listening their music! To go with it, also made some hand piped cookies with Mario Benedetti’s verses! And, if that wasn’t enough, I also prepared a bunch of cupcakes toped with… guess what… Yes! More Pink Floyd and Jolly Möh’s! Overall, a very unusual combination that turned out to be pretty fun! Don’t you think? ;)

I coated an 8″ round vanilla cake with scrumptious dark chocolate ganache and pink rolled fondant, trying to make noticeable sharp edges (I’m a bit obsessed with that!!).

Then, I added the rest of the decorations. I mixed 2D & 3D details to emphasize some of them. I really like the earphones that Jolly Möh is using, as well has her t-shirt, haha! She’s also holding a white rose as a gift for the birthday girl. As you can see for her position, she needs a big hug!! Hug me!! ;)

It was particularly challenging to fit Mario Benedetti’s verses on a single cookie! But with a bit of concentration and steady hand, I could pipe them with white royal icing. My friend Mónica advised me that it would be a good idea to pipe white letters over sky blue cookies. She was right!

By the way, I’ve something on the works for Halloween. Something that I haven’t tried before and been wanted to do for a while now… Spooky!! Stay tuned :)

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Cookie Monster Cake & Sesame Street Cupcakes

Hi there,

Last week I made these funny cakes for a lovely 1 year-old kid. The birthday party was Sesame Street themed, so I couldn’t forget to make the most popular characters in this famous tv show!


To make the cookie monster cake I used a really moist chocolate sponge, which I covered with a thin crumb coat and blue buttercream fur (tip #233). The rest of the details, such as the eyes, the mouth and the candle, were made with sugarpaste.


To decorate the tiny Sesame Street cupcakes, I made modelling paste toppers which I attached on top of each cupcake by means of a plain buttercream swirl (tip #2A).

Here they are! Ernie & Bert, Cookie monster, Elmo, Oscar the grouch and Big Bird. So sweet, aren’t they?  ;)

I also made some animal-shaped cookies (and other shapes) which I iced with white royal icing so that the kids in the party could draw on them with edible markers. Youngest cake decorators ever! :)

Have a nice week,


Lovely Princess Cupcakes

Hi there,

How are you doing?

One month ago I said goodbye to my last traditional oven and currently I have a new one. It’s a fan assisted one. I find it a bit tricky to use, but I guess it’s a matter of time to get used to it!

Yesterday I was experimenting with it. When the cupcakes came out from the oven, I quickly decided what their decoration would be: cute princesses wearing their elegant dresses!

To make the dresses, I piped a generous dollop of thick consistency buttercream on top of each cupcake. I put some coloured sugar into a wide bowl and I rolled in the cupcakes to give the dress a special texture. Buttecream gives the domed shape of the dress and works as a glue to stick the sugar.


How To Make Coloured Sugar

Put some granulated sugar into a resealable bag. Add some food colouring by means of a toothpick. Shake and rub for a while until getting an even colour. This sugar can be easily preserved inside the same resealable bag for several weeks.


I made the paper toppers by cutting some princess pictures and sticking them onto a toothpick. I used the images from this link:

Finally, I inserted the toppers into the cupcakes . In addition, I also added some beautiful cupcake wrappers.

I hope you find them nice and easy to make and you give them a try to sweeten a little girl’s birthday party, for example ;)

When I was a child my favourite one was the Sleeping Beauty. Which one was yours?

Have a nice weekend,


Cookie Monster


I would like to show you one of my funniest creations so far: Cookie Monster Cupcakes!! Here they are!!

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

In Spain this creature is known as “Monstruo de las Galletas” (it’s a direct translation from English). 

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Look at these cross-eyed monsters!

Cookie Monster Cupcakes


Cookie Monster Cupcakes

 But the authentic cookie monster is the following one: he ate almost all these cupcakes! Even he was photographed with the last one in his own hands! Wink

A & Cookie Monster