Sugar Flowers

Hi there,

A couple of weeks ago I completed the last PME module and I got the awaited masters certificate. Finally!

Here are some of the sugar flowers I made during my last course:

They’re wired flowers made of gum paste (also called petal paste) and completely hand-crafted. To make realistic flowers is key to roll the paste very thin (like real petals) and slightly dust the flowers with edible powder colouring. A beautiful option to decorate a cake!

See you soon,


Flip-flop Cookies & Cheerful Flowers

Hi there,

These are my latest cookie designs: summery and fresh! All of them were fully decorated with royal icing, but for the tiny sugarpaste flowers on the flip-flops.

I made some cute feet with painted nails and wearing colorful flip-flops.

I also made some cheerful flowers and happy sun cookies.

It was my first time using a food dehydrator to set the royal icing. I had some troubles in the past due to craters in small and angular areas and I was sure that those toe nails would be a problem if I didn’t dry them quicly. Fortunately, that useful machine worked for me to prevent my royal icing from cratering!! No craters in the nails! Yay!!

I read that the food dehydrator is also very useful to avoid colour bleeding and to dry the royal icing quicly and thoroughly despite the humid climate, which prevents the cookies from absorbing humidity and becoming soggy. They come out really crunchy, just how I like :D

I hope you liked them!

Have a good week,


Sant Jordi’s Cupcakes (St George’s Day)

Hi there,

Today, April 23rd, is St George’s Day, the National day for England. This date is also important in Catalonia (where I’m from). We celebrate la diada de Sant Jordi (which is the catalan name) with very nice traditions: women are given a rose and men, a book, usually as a symbol of love and friendship. Due to this, this day is also called el dia de la rosa (the rose’s day) o el dia del llibre (the book’s day).

According to the legend, St George saved the princess from the dragon, which he slew by means of a sword. From the dragon’s blood, a rose bush grew. St George took a rose and gave it to the princess. So all catalan women are treated like princesses today, as we’re also given a rose :- )

I made this rose bush cupcakes to show one of the beautiful traditions in Catalonia during St George’s Day. They were vanilla flavoured, filled with strawberry jam (like if it was the dragon’s blood!). I pipped quick buttercream decorations (swirl, leaves…) and I topped them with handmade red fondant ribbon roses.

Happy St George’s Day! Feliç Diada de Sant Jordi!

PS: My dream garden plenty of rose bushes in a sunny day!! Deep red roses everywhere!