Semi-Naked Baptism Cake

Hi there,

Last month of December I made this adorable semi-naked cake for Victoria’s daughter baptism. A handmade sugar topper of the little girl wearing her baptism outfit was placed on top of it, as well as some delicious berries dusted in icing sugar scattered around the cake.

Semi-naked cakes started to be very popular a few years ago and they never seem to stop being on trend. I honestly love the rustic/vintage look of them, whether they’re decorated with fresh flowers or tasty berries, seasonal fruit…


Hope you like it!

Have a nice week.


Orange & Dark Chocolate Cake… The perfect combination!

Hi everybody!

How are you?

I like posting, writing, fill my blog with new content. I also love taking pictures of each cake and show you the result, trying to inspire yourselves. One of my aims doing this is encourage you to bake and try you to discover the fascinating world of baking. 

Orange & Chocolate Cake

Orange & Chocolate Cake

I only have a small “problem” while choosing and inserting pictures in each post.  Actually it’s not a problem, but I can’t avoid it… When I see the pictures (I’m just talking about simple pictures!!), I feel the need of eating something sweet. Mmmm… Luckily, I usually wait until dessert time :)  

Orange & Dark Chocolate Cake

Orange & Dark Chocolate Cake

I made this orange and dark chocolate cake for my partner’s company. I’ve never tried it before, but a lot of people say that it’s one of the best combinations there are. They are two best friends flavours! 

If you would like to give it a try, this is the recipe I followed:

Dark Chocolate Buttercream

(click here to check this recipe, which I posted some days ago). 

Orange Sponge

Ingredients (5″ / 13 cm round cake tin)

♦  100 grs  (room temperature)

♦  100grs 

♦  100 grs self-rising


♦  1 zest (thinly grated)


1) Pre-heat  OVEN (160º)

2) Line a 5″/13 cm  CAKE TINwith baking paper.

3)  MIX  >>   BUTTER +  SUGAR  +  zest until creamy and fluffy.

4) Add  EGG+EGG (1 at a time) and MIXinto a paste.

5) Add sifted FLOUR and  keep MIXINGfor a few seconds  (slow speed, no over beat).

6) Pour the mixture into the lined CAKE TIN.

7)  BAKE   Bake for  about 45-50 minutes. It will depend on your oven! Use a cake tester or screwer to prick the center of the cake and check it. If the cake is ready, the skewer will come out clean and dry.

8)  Leave the cake  to cool in theCAKE TIN.


9)  Once the cake completely cooled, turn it around (the top of the cake will be the base) and attach the bottom onto a cake board by adding one tbsp of buttercream. Anyway, if the cake is very domed, level it by cutting the dome with a sharp knife (the straighter and flatter the surface, the better).


10) Cover the cake with a first layer of  dark chocolate buttercream using a palette knife (this layer will help to fix the crumbs onto the sponge). Then, put the cake inside the fridge for 30 minutes.


11) Cover the cake with a second layer of dark chocolate buttercream. After that, pipe a wavy line onto the cake board, surrounding the border of the cake (I used the tip #22 for this purpose).


12) Before the buttercream dries, enhance your cake with some orange garnishes. I added four mini orange slices, some orange confetti sprinkles and three overlapped marzipan daisies on the center, which I previously coloured with edible orange concentrated paste.  I also stuck a brown “smartie” onto the top flower by placing a drop of buttercream on it.


As it wasn’t too hot, I kept the cake inside a cake container for 2 days, outside the fridge. 

Orange & Dark Chocolate Cake

Orange & Dark Chocolate Cake

Don’t forget to try this combination! I hope you like it! 

By the way, the elephant which appears in these pictures is a figure that my mother in law gave me long time ago. It was made of a special fragrant wood, which still smells good despite the passing years. A very special gift : ) 

Orange & Dark Chocolate Cake

Take care and see you soon!


Raspberry Basket Cake

Hey there!

Since I got my new turntable cake stand, I’ve made more cakes than I usually did before. I can’t stop it! I love spreading the icing with the palette knife and scrapping the cake sides whilst I turn around the stand. It’s very relaxing!

Last weekend was even hotter than the previous one, so I had to prepare a refreshing recipe as well, like the previous lemon & orange cupcakes. But in that occasion it had to be a cake… 

Furthermore, I wanted to try techniques that I had never tried before. I wanted to experiment… So I checked my nozzles and I noticed a new one, which I got several weeks ago.

Tip #47

It was the tip #47, used to make the basket weave effect. As you can see, it has a flat side and a serrated one. Then I though on how could I benefit from it. When I checked my fridge and I saw some fresh raspberries, the idea came instantly. Oh, yes! A raspberry basket!

Raspberry Basket Cake

To make this cake, I used:

♥  5″ round cake tin (13 cm) to bake the lemon sponge (my favourite at the moment).

♥  Tip #47 to make the basket weave effect (see this technique down below).

♥  Tip #22 to make the effect of the borders on top (by drawing overlapped U shapes).

♥  Brown food colouring. I used the Wilton brown concentrated paste to colour both buttercream and marzipan.

♥  Brown coloured buttercream. I used triple of the amount of icing sugar (375 grs) than butter (125 grs) because it was an extremely hot day and I didn’t want my buttercream to melt! I flavoured it with lemon to enhance the sponge flavour. 

♥  Brown coloured marzipan to make the basket handles. I twisted 3 thin marzipan rolls in order to emulate them.

♥  Raspberries (as many as fit onto the top of the cake). 

♥  Cake board (base)

Raspberry Basket Cake

Raspberry Basket Cake

I left the lemon sponge to settle for a day before decorating. It is what most cake decorators recommend, but it was a long wait for me!! ;)  

I used my new turntable cake stand to turn the cake around whilst I was applying the icing. First of all, I covered the cake with a thin layer of brown buttercream by means of a palette knife. Then I left it to cool inside the fridge for about 30 min. After that, I piped the basket (tip #47). Look at the Wilton basket weave tecnhique: 

Tip #47 Wilton

Once the basket dried, I covered the top of the cake with a thick layer of buttercream and piped the borders (tip #22). I stuck both basket handles onto these borders and carefully placed the raspberries onto the center (fresh buttercream works well as glue!!). 

Raspberry Basket Cake

Once the cake was decorated, I had to put it inside the fridge because of the baking hot! 

Raspberry Basket Cake

Raspberry Basket Cake

The citric lemon flavour works well with the acid and sweet raspberries. Very refreshing. Try it out! Yesterday I repeated this combination with some cupcakes. And I’m sure I’ll do it again! 

Have a nice week!

Lemon & Orange Summer Cupcakes

Hi there!

How are things going?

Last weekend it was a warm one. The sun shined almost the whole day and lots of people went to the park for a picnic. Some friends told me to go out last Saturday morning to enjoy this wonderful day, but I was eager to bake some refreshing recipes, and that was the perfect time!! 

Lemon and Orange Summer Cupcakes

I took some lemons and oranges from the fridge and I started to make the most refreshing cupcakes I’ve ever made!! They were not too sweet and had a slightly citric flavour: perfect to cope with that baking hot!

Lemon and Orange Summer Cupcakes

Lemon and Orange Summer Cupcakes

Lemon and Orange Summer Cupcakes

Is it now hot in your town? If the answer is yes, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make these refreshing cupcakes! If the answer is no, make them anyway! ;) You won’t regret it! Just follow these easy and quick steps.

Lemon Cupcakes Recipe

 Ingredients (for 4 cupcakes)

♦  50 grs  (room temperature)

♦  50 grs 

 50 grs 

♦  1EGG

♦  1/2 tsp  

♦  1/2 LEMON  zest 


1) Pre-heat the oven (170º)

2) >>   + +   LEMONzest  in a mixing bowl until fluffy and creamy.

3) Add EGGand keep for a few seconds.

4) Add sifted  +     and keep  for a few seconds (slow speed, no over beat).

5) Place the CUPCAKE CASES into the    and fill them with the mixture.

6) OVEN Bake for 20-22 minutes (check the cupcakes with a skewer or cake tester)


7) Let them cool onto a cooling stand (wait 2 hours at least before decorating).

Lemon Buttercream Recipe

Ingredients (for 4 cupcakes)

♦  50 grs (room temperature)

♦  125 grs sifted

♦  1 1/2 tsp 

♦  1/2LEMONzest

♦  Yellow food colouring (I recommend a paste or gel one).


all the ingredients in a mixing bowl until fluffy and creamy (2-4 minutes aprox.). Add the yellow food colouring until getting the tone you wish (a small amount it’s usually enough).

Choose and fit the nozzle you wish and fill the piping bag with the lemon buttercream. LET’S DECORATE!!  PIPING BAG

Lemon and Orange Summer Cupcakes

Orange Cupcakes Recipe

Ingredients (for 4 cupcakes)

Same as lemon cupcakes (see above), but using 1/2 zest instead of lemon zest.


Same as the lemon recipe (see above), but using orange zest instead of lemon zest.

Orange buttercream Recipe

Same process as lemon buttercream (see above), but using:

- 1/2 zest instead of the lemon one.

- Orange food colouring instead of yellow (I recommend a paste or gel one).

Choose and fit the nozzle you wish and fill the piping bag with the orange buttercream. LET’S DECORATE!!  PIPING BAG

Lemon and Orange Summer Cupcakes

Take advantage of the summer and try these bright and colorful citric cupcakes before it is gone!

By the way, I went for a walk with a friend the following morning and I could enjoy that lovely and sunny day :)

Lemon and Orange Summer Cupcakes

Ooops! And all those tasty cupcakes have already disappeared… None of them left in the tin! ;)

Have a nice week!