Two-tiered Wedding Cake (PME Project)

Hi there,

This is the final project I made in the PME sugarpaste module. It’s a simple two-tiered wedding cake with a bride and groom sitting on the top tier.

We had to model a wedding couple from scratch by using modelling paste, as well as applying some sugarcraft techniques, such as fondant frills, bows and swags.

I had modelled some animals before, but this was my first attempt modelling people. Modelling realistic figurines is quite difficult! I have to keep practising! Anyway, I will always add my personal touch to them: I love they look happy and funny, like a character.

Working with sugarpaste is very different compared to working with royal icing. Different techniques, different results… In next posts I’ll share with you a project I made in the royal icing module for you to compare.

I’m still studying the last PME course in order to get my master’s certificate. It’s the flowers sugar one. I’m enjoying it a lot! Pictures will come soon!

Have a nice week.

And congratulations to those who are about to get married!! :)


PME Masters Certificate

Hi there,

It’s been a while since I wrote last time. I’ve been quite busy lately and I haven’t been able to post as often as I’d liked. One of the reasons of my absence it’s been a cake decorating course that I’m attending during this summer at a confectionary school. It’s the one known as PME masters certificate, which is specifically focused in how to decorate a cake professionally, taking into consideration a business approach (business guidelines, copyright and license, price guidelines, transport, delivery costs…). At the end of the course you are awarded, if successful, with a professional diploma. :)

PME consists of three modules:

1) Royal Icing and Piping 

•  Coating, scroll borders, run out collars, extension borders, brush embroidery, lace designs, run out motifs, multi tiered cakes…

2) Sugarpaste

•  Coating, crimping, embossing, fabric effects, drapes, frills, ribbons, bows, sugar embroidery, modelling figures, inlay, applique, designing celebration cakes, stacking cakes…

3) Sugar Flowers

•  Unwired and wired flowers, roses, orchids, lilies, cherry blossom, gerbera, freesia, black berries, arranging sugar flowers…

 These are some of the projects I’ve made at class so far during my first lessons:

This is a cosmetic bag novelty cake. We had to sculpt the shape, coating with fondant, embossing the board, quilting the cake and adding some frills and sugarpaste details, such as the lipstick, hair ties and the eye shadow pack. It was made during a sugarpaste lesson.

This is an 8″ round dummy fully coated with fondant. We had to cover both the board and the cake with sugarpaste, use a crimper on the borders, use the inlay technique (I used the bear cutter to do so), make some fabric effect flowers, use the creative plaque plunger and add some sugar drapes. It was decorated during a sugarpaste lesson.

This is an 8″ round cake card coated with purple sugarpaste and piped with royal icing: scroll borders, lettering and brush embroidery technique. It was decorated during a royal icing and piping lesson.

I’m really looking forward to the next decorating class!

See you soon,