Rustic Woodland Cake

Hi there,

I can’t believe I started my blog in 2012. In June it’ll be eight years already! Time flies. I started with a lot of effort and enthusiasm. However, when I got pregnant two years ago, my life became sooo busy in so many ways that I couldn’t continue updating my so much loved blog. Before starting uploading new cakes recently (now that I feel I can have more time for myself), I thought about changing my professional name, not being acup4mycake anymore. But actually, there’s so much history behind it and so many years of learning and effort, that I felt I couldn’t change it. I will continue with what I willingly started one day many years ago… :)

During my maternity I’ve met many wonderful mothers and other people who have encouraged me to continue with my cake decorating ideas and plans.  I’m so grateful for all that support.

Last year, I made a cake for one of these mums, who relied on me to make something very special for her daughter’s first birthday.

Many people, like me, don’t like eating fondant (and I say eating because I love working with it, specially modelling characters). The perfect alternative to this preference, as well as to having a beautiful decorated cake, is to make a delicious buttercream cake with fondant models on top, which you can keep as a decoration for few months, even years -if well kept-.  This woodland cake is a nice example to that.

Don’t hesitate to email me about this cake if you’d like to make it and need some advice.

See you soon!


Paddington Bear Cake

Hi there,

It’s been a loooong while since I haven’t posted anything! My personal life’s been very busy and unfortunately I haven’t been able to focus on the blog at all. Now I have a beautiful cheeky monkey who will steal most of my time -happy about it, no doubt!- but I’ll try to do my best to keep the blog going with new cakes.

This is a Paddington bear cake I made some time ago. The cake itself was covered in yellow buttercream, ideal for those of you who don’t like fondant. The bear and the side decorations were made out sugarpaste. The good thing about this combination, is that you can enjoy a tasty buttercream cake being able to keep the model for a long time to decorate your kid’s room, etc.

Have a great weekend!


Millenial Falcon Cake

Hi there,

This is a cake for all the Star Wars fans. That right now may be extremely happy because of the screening of the film Solo on cinemas.

Making this space ship requires a looot of patience due to the amount of tiny details on it, but it’s worth it the try.  I enjoyed making it.


Made at Cakes By Robin

May the force be with you!



Minions Cake

Hi there,

How funny is this Minions cake?? :)

Making a 2D fondant dinosaur against the same cake, hugely helps to support the dinosaur -rather than completely 3D, which structure would be more difficult to make, specially if you’re a begginer-. And then those little cute Minions sitting on the actual cake instead of the real dino (also really helps for the whole thing to be sturdier and more secure!).

Hope you like it!


See you soon,


Unicorn and Sprinkle Rainbow Cake

Hi there,

Unicorns are very popular recently and I realised about this tendency due to the important increase in cake orders with this topic.  Last week I made this playful unicorn cake for a little 6 year old girl. I heard she was so happy with it so am I!

Everything was made out of sugarpaste so it was completely edible if desired. The unicorn couldn’t wait and it started to lick the rainbow, lol.

Have a nice and colourful weekend.


Fondant Pennywise. Halloween IT Clown

Hi there,

Last weekend I decided to give IT clown a go. Yes, that creepy clown from IT film. Halloween is around the corner and this year I wanted to model something cool and someway challenging! To make his face I used modelling paste, which is a smooth and elastic sugar paste to specifically model. I tried Saracino brand and it was so awesome to work with. For the body and clothes I used fondant + CMC.

Happy Halloween!!