Creative Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Hi there,

Few months ago, I posted the cupcakes that I brought to my first job interview as a cake decorator. I was told to bring 4 creative Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes. This was the result:

I tried to be pretty creative. All the figurines were completely hand-crafted (I didn’t use any mould) and fully edible, of course ;)

The first cupcake was a rich chocolate one with a marbled vintage clock on top. The main hours were replaced by hearts and you could read at the bottom “IT’S LOVE O’CLOCK”, written with royal icing.

It’s love o’clock

The second one was a coffee flavoured cupcake with a cup on top and some spilled coffee forming a heart-shaped spill. I also added some chocolate coffee beans around.

Coffee lovers

The third cupcake was a red velvet one. I used the cream cheese as a cloud, which was run through by Cupido. Poor Cupido!  He was hit by one of his own arrows and then he felt in love!! His feet are so cute, aren’t they?

Cupido in love

The last one was a pure vanilla cupcake. A tiny rose was growing around a heart. It was like a metaphor: “GROW YOUR LOVE”.

Grow your love

I hope you get inspired, make some romantic cupcakes and have a really really happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S: By the way, I got the job!