My Baking


♦ Raspberry Basket

♦ Orange & Dark Chocolate Cake

M&M’s Pool 

Lion Cake

Jungle Cake

Christmas Cake: Santa’s Sleigh Crash

♦ Cosmetic Bag Cake (@t PME)

♦ Cookie Monster Cake 

♦ Two-tiered Wedding Cake (@t PME)

Pink Floyd & Jolly Möh Cake

♦ Thanksgiving Cake (Turkey in a Basket)

♦ Elsa Cake (Frozen)

♦ Frozen Cake

♦ How to Train Your Dragon Cake

♦ Fairy Cake

♦ Dougal Cake

Boudica Cake

♦ Two Tier Cake With Hand Made Rose

♦ Tinkerbell Cake (Fondant)

♦ Tinkerbell Cake (Buttercream)

♦ Hearthstone Cake

♦ Frozen Elsa Cake (Buttercream)

♦ Pirate Cake

♦ Archery Cake

♦ Mermaid Cake. Under the Sea 

Princess Palace Cake

♦ Ballerina Cow Cake

♦ Halloween Ghost Cake

♦ Thanksgiving Cake (tricolour)

♦ Bee Cake

♦ Rainbow Unicorn Cake

♦ Winnie The Pooh Cake

♦ Alice in Wonderland Cake

♦ Aladdin & Jasmine Cake

♦ Rapunzel Cake

♦ Sprinkle Cake

♦ Ben & Little Kingdom Cake

♦ Sprinkle Tiara Cake

♦ Cheshire Cat Cake (Alice in Wonderland)

♦ Little Fairy Castle Cake

♦ Thomas the Train Engine Cake

♦ Bowling Themed Cake

Minion Swimming Pool Cake

♦ Football & Iphone & Swimming Cake

Drippy Cake with Roses

♦ Hotel Transylvania Cake

Halloween Cakes Compilation

Reindeer & Snowman Cake

Sleeping Beauty Cake (Wonky!)

Beauty and the Beast Cake

Chalkboard Effect Wedding Cake With Sugar Rose

Lion King Cake

♦ Jake And The Neverland Pirates Cake

♦ Cute Lady Bug Cake 

♦ Unicorn and Sprinkle Rainbow Cake 

♦ Minions Cake

Millenial Falcon Cake



♦ Easy Vanilla Cupcakes

♦ Cookie Monster Cupcakes

♦ Red Velvet

♦ Olympic Torch Cupcakes

♦ Olympic Torch Cupcakes Tutorial

♦ Olympic Cupcakes. London 2012

♦ Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

♦ Lemon & Orange Cupcakes

♦ Owl Cupcakes

♦ Party Animal Cakes

♦ Halloween Funny Ghost Cupcakes 

♦ Baby Cupcakes

♦ Xmas Tree Cupcakes

♦ Jungle Animal Cupcakes

♦ Coffee Cupcakes

♦ Gluten-free Cupcakes

♦ Giant Cupcake

♦ St Valentine’s Cupcakes

♦ Lovely Princess Cupcakes

♦ The Three Wise Men Cupcakes (Los Tres Reyes Magos)

♦ Sant Jordi’s Cupcakes (St George’s Day Cupcakes)

♦ Princess Cupcake Cake

♦ Sesame Street Cupcakes

♦ Pink Floyd & Jolly Möh Cupcakes

♦ Frozen Cupcakes

♦ Baby Shower Cupcakes. It’s a Girl!

♦ Christmas Cupcakes (Coniq)

♦ Ferrari Cupcakes

♦ Ballerina Tutu Cupcakes (with Wings) – Fairy Dresses 

♦ Spiderman Cupcakes

♦ Bat Girl & Spiderman Cupcakes

♦ Cupcake Train

♦ Advent Calendar Made Of Mini Cupcakes

♦ Magic Garden Cupcakes

♦ Star Wars Cupcakes

Dog Cupcakes


Biscuits & Cookies 

♦ Decorated Biscuits

♦ Butter Biscuits with marzipan

Valentine’s Day Cookies

Meringue Cookies

Easter Bunny Cookies

Spring Basket Cookies

Wedding Cookies

Funny Feet Cookies

Cookie Dough Balls

Underwear Cookies

♦ Frog Cookies

♦ Mice & Cheese Cookies

♦ Tropical Fish Cookies

♦ Flip-flop Cookies

♦ Happy Flower Cookies

Cookies with hand piped Mario Benedetti’s verses

♦ Halloween Cookie House

Zombie Teddy Bear (giant cookie)

♦ Frozen Cookies

♦ Glove Cookies

♦ Alice in Wonderland Cookies



♦  Chocolate & Cream Cheese Muffins



♦ Minnie Mousse Fondant Toddler

♦ Scrat Ice Age

Fondant IT CLOWN



Macarons & Meringues

French Meringue

French Macarons. Fully Illustrated Step-By-Step Tutorial

Peanut Butter Macarons

Halloween Spider Macarons


Cake Pops

♦ Christmas Bell Cake Pops



♦ Baked Cinnamon Mini Doughnuts

Paint Palette Doughnuts


Posts En Castellano / Spanish Posts 

♦ Macarons Franceses. Completo Tutorial Paso a Paso con Imágenes

♦ Macarons de Mantequilla de Cacahuete

Macarons – Araña para Halloween



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